The Results Are Out


Best Team Leader: Sappi Saiccor

 Main scenario:

1st Sappi Saiccor

2nd Sappi Ndogwana

3rd Sappi Lomati


Toughest Fire Team event:

1st Sappi Ngodwana

2nd Anglo American PMR K9

3rd Sappi Saiccor

 Skills Ropes & Knots Event:

1st Sappi Ngodwana

2nd Charnaud

3rd Anglo American Waterval Smelter


1st Charnaud

2nd Sappi Saiccor

3rd Sappi SA Team

Competition “Show Time”

All week the weather was the main topic of conversation at ETS with the forecast predicing 80% rain for the day. Risk assessments were done and mitigation plans put in place as the safety of everyone on site is always our No. 1 priority.

All the planning and preparation was finally over and it was “All Systems Go”. At 3 am in the morning there was an enormous storm with thunder and lightening (the only reason to delay / cancel / postpone the event). By 6 am the clouds were still heavy in the sky and most prople were wearing jackets, but the day started off in full swing, and the sun made intermittent appearances through the day. People arrived from as far as the Western Cape, KZN, the far North and many other places in-between.


The weather turned out very pleasant, and it might be unbelievable, but the heavens opened again at 2 am on the 1st of October.

The Defining Moment

Every Firefighter has a defining moment when they knew without a shadow of a doubt that “THIS IS IT!”- this is what I want to do with my life, not necessarily as a career or volunteer, but rather as a way of serving my community, echoing the ETS “Life Matters” Motto.

The event created the opportunity for like-minded, passionate firefighters to experience a non-life threatening, and dare I say, even fun aspect of competitions. It was a time for employers to show their appreciation to their teams whilst getting to know others in the industry. Relationships were either formed or strengthened, and bonds forged with team members.

The Covid-19 Lockdown Level

In planning the event, the number of teams who confirmed could have caused a logistic challenge if the country remained in Lockdown Level 3 with its restrictions on public gatherings. Fortunately, this was changed to Level 2 on 13 September 2021 – talk about living on the edge!

Planning and Preparation

The success of the day depended on the response and willingness of the teams to participate, without them, it would not have been possible. The Judges, VIP guests, Exhibiters, Gift Sponsors, Caterers, Media, Photographer (who is compiling a video of the event) Vendors, Local Radio DJ who all worked together like well-oiled cogs in a giant wheel to make this an event to remember. It is safe to say that there was excellent collaboration between all parties that lead to an enjoyable day for all.

ETS have been hosting these competitions for approximately 21 years now. At times there have been up to three events per year, albeit on a smaller scale, it still required the same level of commitment to success. We will review and evaluate this event, analyse whether there can be any improvement and get back on the proverbial saddle to plan the 2022 Spring Competition.

Networking and Marketing

There was ample opportunity to be updated with the latest products and trends in the SA Marketplace with these Respected Industry Exhibitors.

Where else do our local and national teams, guests and exhibitors have such an opportunity to exchange ideas and form relationships on such an exciting platform?

A special word of thanks to our Competition Judges




Gerald Moswathupi

Ekurhuleni Municipality

Chris Aukamp

Emfuleni Municipality

Mpiyakhe Khoza

Eskom EAL

Nic du Toit

Eskom Medupi Power Station

Jakonus Nel

Eskom Medupi Power Station

Morne Botha

First @ Aid

Tersius Engelbrecht

Midvaal Municipality

Shadrack Mudzuli

Midvaal Municipality

Aubrey Rambau


Roggers Mamaila


Tshepo Mpeake



A Special word of thanks to all the ETS Staff who worked hard behind the scenes to make the day such a success.

  • Our Training Management Team were collecting and organising the gifts, preparing meal and cold-drink vouchers, and assisting wherever they could.
  • The Catering Staff ensured that our high food hygiene standards were maintained by the excellent food vendors throughout the day, whilst also looking after the Judges’ needs
  • The Cleaning and Maintenance Team ensured that all the technical aspects ran smoothly and ensured that there were no unnecessary delays
  • The Admin Team assisted in every possible way and kept a real-time update on the event score-sheets. When the final judges’ information was submitted, the Prize-Giving could begin
  • The Safety Department ensured that the Covid-19 protocols were adhered to and “Safety Came First”

In every great event there is one person who coordinates everyone’s efforts. In the Symphony Orchestra, it is the conductor, in a sports team it is the coach, in a classroom, it is the instructor. They have one thing in common – they make it look so easy! We want to say a special thanks to Pinkie Matjeke for being so flexible, dedicated and focussed. Many people say that women can’t multi-task, but Pinkie proves them wrong every time.

None of this would have been possible if the ETS Directors were not as passionate about these opportunities as they are. Dirk Möller and John Akal, we salute your vision and leadership by example!

Billy Connolly, the famous Scottish comedian said about award winners who say, “I couldn’t have done it without my partner / parents / managers”. “WELL GIVE IT TO THEM THEN”.


We want to say “Kudos” to the unsung heroes, the partners / parents / managers in the lives of all Firefighters.

The Pillars of B-BBEE


If B-BBEE is seen as more than mere compliance, it can provide opportunities to previously disadvantaged people, address unemployment and improve the country’s economy.

We work hard all year to apply these principles in our business dealings, and want to say a big “Thank-you” to Natasha Eberwein or her effective coordinator of this aspect of our business.

From a client’s point of view, a BEE rating such as this assists their organisation to meet targets which include SME support, BWO and the amounts which can be claimed in terms of BEE spend. In our case it is 135%.

              Memes of the Month

“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and sheroes”

– Maya Angelou

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