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ETS Emergency Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd offers a range of training services that are currently in demand in South Africa as well as in African countries, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, DRC, Namibia, Zambia and Lesotho.
ETS Emergency Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd future accomplishment will be attributed to the fact that it knows its customer very well, as well as the importance of service in marketing safety training.
ETS Emergency Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd provide the following specialized services:
Emergency Response Related Training
Training programs are accredited through various accreditation and quality assurance bodies. ETS Emergency Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd holds the following accreditation for training programs:

Local Government Seta (LGSeta)

  • Qualification ID 57803 Further Education and Training Certificate: Fire and Rescue Operations
  • Qualification ID 64390 National Certificate: Emergency Services Supervision: Fire and Rescue Operations

Southern African Emergency Services Institute (SAESI)

  • Fire fighter 1
  • Fire fighter 2
  • Hazmat For First Responders Awareness Level
  • Hazmat For First Responders Operations Level
  • Hazmat For First Responders Technician Level
  • Fire services instructor 1

Department of Labour - CI 663

  • First aid level 1
  • First aid level 2
  • First aid level 3

Resuscitation Council of South Africa

  • CPR for family and friends
  • AHA courses
  • Basic Life Support
Transport Education and Training Authority – APPROVAL NO: PrDP(D) 2012/88, TETA12-228

CETA: 5R55079

HWSETA - Programme Approval

ETDP SETA - Programme Approval

Emergency Response Teams and Standby Services

ETS Emergency Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd provide Emergency Response Teams (ERT’s) for industry. Services include full time standby teams and temporary teams / personnel.

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OSHAS 18001
Department of Transport
ISO 9001
Resus Council
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