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ETS Emergency Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd specializes in   emergency response training and related emergency response services in South Africa and African countries. ETS Emergency Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd is privately held by its two principal founders and members J.K. Akal and D.N.v.S. Möller. The business is located in Redan, in the south of Gauteng, South Africa.

ETS Emergency Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd provides locally sourced and in-house developed training programs of the highest quality to address a wide range of customer needs. Our training programs are accredited by their respective SETAs such as the Local Government Seta (LGSeta) and Southern African Emergency Services Institute (SAESI), Department of Labor and American Heart Association (AHA).

ETS Emergency Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd continuously strive to increase its overall efficiency, not only in the training industry but also assisting clients to manage internal emergency response capabilities.


ETS commits its resources, expertise and skills to developing and empowering people with the skills and confidence to handle a variety of emergency incidents both within the workplace and the broader environment.


To expand facilities and accessibility to a broader range of learners in the potential corporate and private markets, thereby becoming the premier national accredited provider of emergency preparedness and safety training on the African Continent.


Almost all incidents which give rise to emergencies are preventable. Human error is major contributing factor in many incidents. Training programs focus on safely respond to an incident and promoting awareness on the causes of accidents and the mitigating action that can be taken to prevent incidents